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ozs: 14089
Source: ao:1306,2134,2502

arrival: Roxburgh Castle
Origin:London1838 Dec 29
Destination:Sydney1839 May 26


AcknowledgementPassenger list transcribed by Judy Dumbrell
backgroundAround two thirds of the passengers were protestant and one third catholic. Please note information varied from one reel to the other and the place names were very difficult to interpret.Judy Dumbrell
1839 Jan 22departurePortsmouthao:1306, 2134
1839 May 26primary sourceAO 4/4848 [1306]Judy Dumbrell
1839 May 26primary sourceAO 4/4784 p129 [2134]Judy Dumbrell

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
MacKellarFrederick, MrMDcrewao:1306, 2134
ClarkeRevcrewao:1306, 2134
AndersonJanus or Francisson of Francis Anderson, Canterbury C OF E R/Wao:1306, 2134
AndersonMarthadau of Edward Riven, R/Wao:1306, 2134
AndersonMarthaborn 24.2.1831ao:1306, 2134
BarnesSamueldied on 11th May on the voyage, R/Wao:1306, 2134
BarnesPhiladelphiadau of Stephen Selemis, farmer, Read onlyao:1306, 2134
BarnesAnnao:1306, 2134
BarnesWilliamC of E R/Wao:1306, 2134
BarnesJamesson of Samuel & Philadelphia, R/Wao:1306, 2134
BarnesSarah Anndied 11th May 1839 on the voyage, R/Wao:1306, 2134
BarnesSamuelao:1306, 2134
BarnesJamesao:1306, 2134
BellGeorgeson of Andrew Bell, Coachman and Mary his wife, Presbyterian, R/Wao:1306, 2134
BellIsabelladau of Andrew Baxter & Isabella Robertson, Presbyterianao:1306, 2134
BennettHenryson of Henry Bennett, C of Eao:1306, 2134
BennettElizabethnee Hindenao:1306, 2134
BennettJessieao:1306, 2134
BennettBarnardson of John Bennett bailiffao:1306, 2134
BennettIsabelladaughter of John Chapman ao:1306, 2134
BennettAlfredao:1306, 2134
BennettMaryanneao:1306, 2134
BennettBarney[age 9 months]ao:1306, 2134
BofisCharlesson of Charles Thorp ?ao:1306, 2134
BofisMarydau of William Neavis / Neavesao:1306, 2134
BofisCharles[age 20 mths] died 23/4/1839 at seaao:1306, 2134
BreretonRobert Gson of Williamao:1306, 2134
BreretonElizabethdau of James Fitzgerald, farmerao:1306, 2134
BrownePatrickson of Patrick Browne and Julian Burnsao:1306, 2134
BrowneHonoradau of Daniel Dwyer, Shepherd, RCao:1306, 2134
BrowneMaryao:1306, 2134
BullJohnson of John a Labourer and Sarah Weller, Methodistao:1306, 2134
BullMaryDau of John Brown, Labourer& Hannah Hammond, Methodist, R/Wao:1306, 2134
CallaghanJeremiahCatholic, R/Wao:1306, 2134
CallaghanMargaretDau of John Connell, farmer in Inniskara and Mary Burns, RC, Read onlyao:1306, 2134
CallaghanMaryao:1306, 2134
CloutWilliamson of William Clout, Labourer, Prot, R/Wao:1306, 2134
CloutJaneDau of Edward Chaulter? labourer and Sarah Chant, Prot Read onlyao:1306, 2134
CloutHarrietdied 2.4.1839 at seaao:1306, 2134
CoxWilliam son of John and Alice Orme? Potestant with Wesleyan Connection R/Wao:1306, 2134
CoxRebeccadau of John Coghlan Pay Sergeant in Cork Militia and Mary Mann Dairy Woman, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
CoxJaneao:1306, 2134
CulvisonCorneliusSon of Walter Culvison, Sawyer and Sarah his wife, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
CulvisonJune or Janedau of Joseph Woodburne, Porter and Mary his wife, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
CulvisonWalter Cao:1306, 2134
CulvisonSarahao:1306, 2134
CulvisonJane or Juneao:1306, 2134
CulvisonMaryao:1306, 2134
CulvisonElizabeth[age 6 months in December 1838]ao:1306, 2134
CumminsJobson of John Cummins, Butcher and wife Mary, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
CumminsMarydau of Stephen Russell and Ester his wife, Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
CumminsMary AnneProt R/wao:1306, 2134
DowlingWilliamson of David, Farmer and Bridget his wife, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
DowlingFrancesdau of Owen ?, farmer and Anne Corbett? RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
DowlingWilliamao:1306, 2134
DowlingBridgetao:1306, 2134
DoyleJohnson of James Doyle, farmer and Elye? Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
DoyleBetcydau of William Walsh, labourer and Catherine Egdon, RCao:1306, 2134
DoyleJohnao:1306, 2134
DoyleElizaR/Wao:1306, 2134
DumbrellStephenson of Stephen Dumbrell, sawyer and Martha (Mepham)ao:1306, 2134
ElliottMargaretdau of ? Maloney, Section Clerk and Winifred Malone,Schoolmistress in Clareg, Pro R/Wao:1306, 2134
ElliottWilliamao:1306, 2134
ElliottRobertao:1306, 2134
ElliottJohnao:1306, 2134
FaulknerGeorgeao:1306, 2134
FaulknerStephenao:1306, 2134
FaulknerEbenezerDied on the voyageao:1306, 2134
FaulknerJaneWesleyan, R/Wao:1306, 2134
FaulknerMary Anneao:1306, 2134
GilbertThomasson of John Gilbert, farmer and Mary his wife. Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
GilbertMaryannedau of John Bull, farmer and Sarah, Wesleyan Read onlyao:1306, 2134
Gilbertmaledied on the voyageao:1306, 2134
GilbertMaryao:1306, 2134
GilbertWilliamWes, R/Wao:1306, 2134
GilbertMary JaneWes, R/Wao:1306, 2134
GoodyearRobertSon of Joseph Goodyear, Blacksm+F146ith and Jane Golding, dau of Thomas Goldingao:1306, 2134
GoodyearMarydau of Henry Ryan, Steward and Peggy Ryan his wife, daughter of Dennis Challen?, RC Read onlyao:1306, 2134
HenwoodWilliamSon of William, Innkeeper in Liskeard and Elizabeth Bosskilly? Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
HenwoodMary Anndau of Michael Cowling, farmer and Jane Jay? Prot, R/Wao:1306, 2134
JerrettHenryson of Thomas Jerrett, labourer, C of E R/Wao:1306, 2134
JerrettJanedau of Samuel Barnes, died at sea on 11th May, C of E R/Wao:1306, 2134
JerrettHenryao:1306, 2134
JerrettThomasao:1306, 2134
JerrettJaneao:1306, 2134
Kemish?Josephson of William, Baptist R/Wao:1306, 2134
Kemish?Harrietdau of William Bermage, Gardener, Baptist R/Wao:1306, 2134
KempCharlesson of Henry Kemp, Ticehurst, Sussex, C of E R/Wao:1306, 2134
KempSusandau of William Chandler, Ticehurst, Labourer, Servant, C of Eao:1306, 2134
KempCalebao:1306, 2134
KempCharlesao:1306, 2134
KempRuthao:1306, 2134
KempOliveao:1306, 2134
KempMarthaao:1306, 2134
KendallCharlesson of John, mason in St. Germains and Jane his wife, Protestant R/wao:1306, 2134
KendallMarydau of William Hooper, farmer and Alice, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
KendallAmeliaao:1306, 2134
KendallEmmaao:1306, 2134
KendallAnneao:1306, 2134
LawrenceGeorgeson of Thomas Lawrence, carpenter and Anne, Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
LawrenceAnneDau of Chivar? Barber, bricklayer, Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
LawrenceElizabeth[age 14 mths]ao:1306, 2134
LeaheySilvyson of Thomas, labourer and Kate McSweeny, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
LeaheyMaryDau of Humphrey Shea and Ellen, RCao:1306, 2134
LeaheyThomasao:1306, 2134
McDugallArchibaldProt, Read onlyao:1306, 2134
McDugallIsobelDau of Angus?, tailor and Anne, Presbyterian R/Wao:1306, 2134
McNaughtJohn HartnessSon of William, merchant and Janet Saffley Independent R/Wao:1306, 2134
McNaughtSusannahdau of Samson Davis, carpenter and Mary Ford, Independent R/Wao:1306, 2134
MurphyAndrewSon of John Murphy, Land Steward and Mary Connell, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
MurphyMarydau of Martin Lawler, labourer and Catherine Kennedy, RC, 2134
NashJosephson of John Nash, ropemaker and Elizabeth, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
NeaveJamesson of James, labourer and Rachael, Baptist R/Wao:1306, 2134
NeaveHarrietdau of George Cumber (Comber) and Harriet, Baptist R/Wao:1306, 2134
NethertonThomasSon of Richard, tanner and Elinor Olven, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
NethertonMaryDau of John Rundell, miller and Mary Bennett, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
NicholsGeorgeson of John, a labourer and Elizabeth, Baptist Read, 2134
NicholsAnnadau of Samuel Gazard, labourer and Mary, Baptistao:1306, 2134
NicholsIsiaao:1306, 2134
NicholsElizaao:1306, 2134
NicholsElizabethao:1306, 2134
NicholsEllenao:1306, 2134
OxleyWilliamson of John Oxley, butcher and Anne, Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
OxleyElizadau of Samuel Smith? Innkeeper and Mary Lauten? Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
OxleyEwan[age 51/2]ao:1306, 2134
PancrasHenryson of John Pancras, farmer and Ann, Wesleyan R/wao:1306, 2134
PancrasMarthadau of William Gilbert, labourer and Ellenor, read onlyao:1306, 2134
PancrasHenryao:1306, 2134
PancrasJamesao:1306, 2134
PancrasJohnao:1306, 2134
RansleyRichardson of William, labourer and Mary his wife, Wesleyan Readao:1306, 2134
RansleyHarrietDau of Edwin Chantler labourer and Sarah, Wesleyan, read onlyao:1306, 2134
RansleyWilliamao:1306, 2134
RansleySarahao:1306, 2134
RoskallyCharlesson of Richard, agriculturalist and Elizabeth Parkins, Prot, R/Wao:1306, 2134
RoskallyCatherinedau of Thomas Ratley, husbandman and Catherine Nicholls, Prot, neitherao:1306, 2134
RumesyWilliamson of John, farmer and Philadelphia, Protao:1306, 2134
RumesyMaryannedau of George, thatcher and Hannah, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
SmithersJamesson of William, labourer and Sarah, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
SmithersSusandau of William Edwards, labourer and Anne, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
SpinkJohnson of James, plasterer and Anne Baker, Protestant R/Wao:1306, 2134
SpinkMarydau of John James? Grocer and Elizabeth, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
StevensWilliamson of William, labourer and Ruth Skinner, Prot Read onlyao:1306, 2134
StevensAnnedau of John Guest, labourer and Mary Broad, Prot Read onlyao:1306, 2134
SweetmanSamuelson of Samuel and Mary, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
SweetmanMaryannedau of William Ray and Hannah Cramp, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
SweetmanEmmaao:1306, 2134
TaylorEdwardson of William, stonemason and Susannah, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
TaylorMarthadau of Noah Row? labourer and Mary, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
TaylorWilliamao:1306, 2134
TaylorNoahao:1306, 2134
TaylorCumberland[age 5 weeks] born at seaao:1306, 2134
TaylorMaryao:1306, 2134
VineJamesson of John, labourer and Sarah Carey, Prot R/Wao:1306, 2134
VineSarahdau of James Skinner, carter and Jane Roberts, Prot neither read nor, 2134
WadeWilliamson of Robert Wade, labourer and Mary, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
WadeElizabethDau of George Sharp, labourer and Elizabeth Watson, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
WheatleyDavid or Danielson of John, labourer and Mercy, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
WheatleyElizadau of John Wilson, carpenter and Elizabeth, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
WoolcockWilliamson of William, labourer and Elizabeth, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
WoolcockCarolinedau of Richard Cornel? Husbandman and Johanna,, 2134
WilliceThomasson of Harry, labourer and Ellen Foley, RCao:1306, 2134
WilliceMarydau of Owen? Harrington, labourer and Mary, RCao:1306, 2134
WilliceAndrewson of Thomas and Mary, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
WilliceEllendau of Thomas and Mary, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
WilliceCatherinedau of Thomas and Mary, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
WillisThomasSon of Thomas, gardener and Jean Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
WillisMarydau of ?? and Mary Fleming, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
ButtressThomasson of Thomas, labourer and Elyn, Prot. Readao:1306, 2134
CloutEdwardson of William, labourer and Phillisife, Prot read onlyao:1306, 2134
CloutWilliamson of John Clout, labourer in Benenden and Mary Petit, Prot., 2134
CobbHenryson of Henry, tailor and Caroline, Prot. R/wao:1306, 2134
DaceyMichaelson of Patrick, button buyer and Catherine, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
DarceyGeorge Williamson of Nathaniel Hinchbrook, Gloucestershire, draper, C of E R/Wao:1306, 2134
EveryObediahson of William, farmer and Mary, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
GainJamesson of Thomas, labourer and Mercy Watson, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
GibsonAlexanderson of Adam, Schoolmaster and Agnes Maxwell, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
HaggettGeorge or Jamesson of James, sawyer and Anne FARNS? Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
KersleyHenryson of Henry, large farmer in Woolding? And Elizabeth Dowling, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
MadgettPatrickson of John, apothecary and Mary, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
MartinHenrySon of William, coal dealer and Ellen, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
MunnStephenSon of George, shoemaker and Sarah, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
MurphyEdward or Edwinson of Timothy, labourer and Catherine Welch, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
MurphyWilliamson of Daniel, labourer and Julia Robertson, RC read onlyao:1306, 2134
NoonanJeremiahson of John, labourer and Margaret Maguire, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
PeirceGeraldson of John, clerk and Anne a dressmaker, Prot. R/Wao:1306, 2134
SweeneyTerenceson of John, farmer and Johanna, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
TurnerGeorgeson of George, agriculturalist and Ellen, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
WalshJohnson of John and Mary Carrol, RC Read and write a littleao:1306, 2134
WellerThomasSon of James Stapeley? farmer in Lye Green and Lucy Weller, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
WinmanWilliamson of Edward and Sarah, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
WiseEdwardson of Edward Cockerill, labourer and Anne, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
AustenElizadau of John Austen, Bricklayer and Elizabeth, Prot. Read onlyao:1306, 2134
CallaghanMaryDau of Dennis, labourer and Ellen Deran? RC Read onlyao:1306, 2134
CloutMarydau of John, labourer and Mary Petit, Prot. Read only, Brother on, 2134
DowlingBetsydau of David, farmer and Bridget, Under the protection of her brother William, RC Read onlyao:1306, 2134
KemishCatherinedau of William, paper maker, Baptist R/W Brother on boardao:1306, 2134
KeysMargaretdau of Thomas Keys, labourer and Allice Dellane, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
MccormackJanedau of Samuel, farmer and Catherine, Methodist. R/Wao:1306, 2134
MadgettMarydau of John an apothocary and Sarah, Prot. R/W Under the protection of her brother Patrickao:1306, 2134
MadgettFrancesdau of John, apothocary and Sarah, Prot. R/W Under the protection of her brother Patrickao:1306, 2134
MurphyJohannadau of Daniel, labourer and Judy Roberts (as recorded) RC Read only. Comes out with her brother William, under the protection of Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Callaghanao:1306, 2134
NashAnnedau of John, farmer and Elizabeth, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
NashElizabethdau of John, farmer and Elizabeth, Wesleyan R/Wao:1306, 2134
NaughtonEllendau of James, hair dresser and Margaret Harrington, RC Read onlyao:1306, 2134
OliverAnnedau of George, hair dresser and Anne Bryant, Prot. R/W. Under protection of Surgeon Supt. Frederick, 2134
PalmerWilhelminaDau of James, overseer of roads and Janet Johnsen? Presb. R/Wao:1306, 2134
RomelyHarrietdau of Baldwick ? farmer and Eliza, Prot. R/W Under the protection of her brother on the same shipao:1306, 2134
RookeJanedau of Michael McIntyre, mail guard and Elizabeth Kilfon? RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
SweeneyMarydau of John and Johanna, RC Read only. Brother on boardao:1306, 2134
TurnerJune or Janedau of George, agriculturalist and Ellen, RC R/W. Brothers and sisters on boardao:1306, 2134
TurnerElizadau of George, agriculturalist and Ellen, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
TurnerCharlottedau of George, agriculturalist and Ellen, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
TurnerEllendau of George, agriculturalist and Ellen, RC R/Wao:1306, 2134
WellerLouisadau of Timothy and Elizabeth. Wesleyan R/W a little. Under the protection of John Gilbert who died on the, 2134
WoolcockJohannaProtestantao:1306, 2134
WilliceMary Annedau of John, servant and Mary his wife, RC Read onlyao:1306, 2134

ozs: 14090
Source: grk

arrival: Strathfieldsaye
Destination:Sydney1839 Jul 27


primary sourceAO 4/4849 [1307]
primary sourceAO 4/4784 p147 [2134]

ozs: 14091
Source: grk, cja:392,393

arrival: ship Heber
441 tons
Master: Thomas
Origin:Liverpool1839 Feb 28
Destination:Sydney1839 Jul 25


agentA B Smith & Cocja:392,393
primary sourceAO 4/4784 p161 [2134]
primary sourceAO 4/4843 [1302]
1839 May 28viaCape of Good Hopecja: 393
1839 Jul 25alternate vessel riggingbarquecja:392
1839 Jul 25alternate vessel weight400cja:392
1839 Jul 26alternate port/date of arrivalSydneycja:393
1839 Jul 27alternate port/date of arrivalSydneygrk

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
130 emigrantscja: 393
RyanDoctorSurgeon superintendentcja: 393
AlgerMrand five childrencja: 393
OliverMrand two childrencja: 393
RobertsonW, Mrand two childrencja: 393
RobinsonF, Mrcja: 393
BonwellT, Mrcja: 393
EyesW, Mrcja: 393
StoneyJ, Mrcja: 393
BentleyJ, Mrcja: 393
ThomasR, Mrcja: 393
MannJ, Mrcja: 393
ErvingW, Mrcja: 393
WardropeJ, Mrcja: 393
BushJ, Mrcja: 393

ozs: 14092
Source: grk, cja:399

arrival: barque Navarino
463 tons
Master: Warming
Origin:Cork1839 May 12
Destination:Sydney1839 Aug 19


primary sourceAO 4/4780 p286 [2654]
primary sourceAO 4/4845 [1304]

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
218 emigrantscja: 399
ChartresW, EsqSurgeon R.N.cja: 399
EwartCharles, Mrcja: 399

ozs: 14093
Source: grk, cja:403

arrival: ship Cornwall
873 tons
Master: Cow
Origin:Gravesend1839 May 12
Destination:Sydney1839 Sep 1


primary sourceAO 4/4780 p298 [2654]
primary sourceAO 4/4841 [1301]
1839 Oct 15alternate port/date of arrivalSydneyao:2502

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
374 Government Emigrantscja: 403
KingGilbert, Esqsurgeoncja: 403
LewisCaptaincja: 403

ozs: 14094
Source: spr, eml:25

arrival: barque Bussorah Merchant
530 tons
Master: Moncrief
Origin:Bristol1839 Apr 16
Destination:Sydney1839 Sep 3


primary sourcePRO [3213]
primary sourceAO 4/4840 [1300]
primary sourceAO 4/4780 p314 [2654]
AcknowledgementContributed by Milton Purcell

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
OrganElias, Mreml:25
OrganElizabeth, Mrseml:25
OrganHenry, Mreml:25
OrganAnn, Misseml:25
OrganEliza, Misseml:25
OrganGeorge, Mreml:25
OrganMaria, Mrseml:25
OrganWilliam Henry, Mastereml:25
OrganEmily, Misseml:25
227 other bounty immigrantseml:25

ozs: 14095
Source: grk

arrival: Lady Raffles
Origin:Plymouth1839 May 13
Destination:Sydney1839 Sep 12


primary sourceAO 4/4784 p193 [2134]
primary sourceAO 4/4844 [1303]

ozs: 14096
Source: grk

arrival: Hero
Origin:Leith1839 May 7
Destination:Sydney1839 Sep 27


primary sourceAO 4/4780 p326 [2654]
primary sourceAO 4/4843 [1302]
primary sourcePRO [3213]

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